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Skrive historien til Scilos på engelsk, med bilder...


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Da jeg mailet noen bilder til Kreta her om dagen, fikk jeg dette svaret:

"Dear Ida and Ingvild & Filos!

Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures - it is just icing on the cake for us to see our beautiful doggies in their new foster home. I will let Silke know you have sent them, and also the lady called Maggie, who works for Silke and who cared for Filos for most of the time he spent at the shelter.

Please do keep in touch.

May I ask if it is possible that you write his story - all about how you found him, and how you heard of Silke, so we can keep the information to show people here? People (Greeks) believe that we send doggies abroad to laboratories for experiments. We can only convince them by showing them the proof with stories and pictures like yours. Of course only if/when you get the time.

My very best wishes, and thank you so much for giving this beautiful little doggie his new life with you, something they all deserve, but so few are so lucky. For sure, he would not be alive by now if he had been left on the streets - either hit by a car, or even poisoned deliberately.

My sincerest thanks and greetings from Crete.

From Joy."

Kanskje jeg skulle lage en hjemmeside for ham og linke til dem, eller noe?

EDIT: Vi kalte ham Filos (venn) der nede, for Skilos (hund) ble litt vrient. Alle hundene var jo hund, ikke sant? :rolleyes:

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