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Marius genser, noen som strikker?

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Er det noen som vet om noen som strikker marius gensere til hund? helst i ull? Takk for hjelpen

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Jeg bestillte fra ei i DK til mamma sine hunder - ta kontakt med PM, så skal du få kontakt informasjon :)

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Min mor strikket denne til TW:


Og hun tar sikkert bestillinger :)

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  • Nye innlegg

    • Jeg har også lest Kristin Lavransdatter, helt fantastisk trilogi. Ellers er det: Parfymen Shantaram Innvielse Dsjamilja Og dagen varer lengre enn et århundre Millennium-trilogien Bambi av Felix Salten Brødrene Løvehjerte Ringenes Herre

      Klarer ikke velge ut èn.
    • Leste det på FB osgså, ubehagelig med sånne opplevelser. Jeg har aldri vært borti noe lignenede selv på utstililnger, men husker det gikk hardt for seg i (boxerringen?) på NKK Bjerke et år. 
      Godt det ikke ble mer ut av det og at ingen ble skadet. Men ekkelt og ugreit uansett. Så koselig! Veldig fint bilde og så koselig å ha på veggen. Det var en fin gave ja!
    • Jeg bare klippet og limte inn fra FB så jeg gidder ikke oversette. 
      Ren og usminket fra dagen i dag *host*

      Ingen bilder, og det skjønner dere kanskje at jeg ikke fikk til i dag. Dvs jeg hadde fått av Bluebell om jeg bare hadde husket å ta med mobilen til round pennen..Men det gjorde jeg selvsagt ikke  
        What a day! I brought Bailey with me down to HQ to work with the colts. Got them all caught, and sorted out the yearling horse colts and Bluebell. I started to work with Bluebell, for the first time also, and it was so humid and hot! No air and I just knew that Bluebell and I was going to be really sweat today. 
      I started with round penning, and she used longer time than King to relax and understand that it's in the middle she can get rest. But she finally got it, and it was time to rope her to eventually get closer to her. And to make her understand that I want two eyes for respect and not two heels.   And guess what, I roped my own colt! From the ground. I got her, and she threw a little fit at first before she gave up. I worked with her a bit before I could get close up to her and touch her nose and face. 
      Unfortunately a rain storm came upon us, and when the temperatures dropped big time (from over 30 degrees and humid to 20 degrees) in no time, and all the humidity disappeared, a light wind made the trees move and Bluebell got a bit anxious about the weather. Her nostrils started to move real fast and I just knew that I had to finish this off asap.   But I had the rope around her neck, I was committed. I had to get where she trusted me enough to get it off. And I didn't want to quit either, I had lots of more work to do with her. But I just had to. 
      The thunder and lightning started to get closer and I worked on approach and retreat and kept calm. I could do it. 
      Bluebell got more anxious, but I didn't pay attention to it. 
      And then after just a few minutes I had her. She trusted me with my arm around her jaw and neck, and she let me remove the rope. And THEN the rain was poring down, just seconds after I got the rope off of her.   From there it was a mess. 
      The dirt went wet and all of the sudden it was water everywhere. I had the two stallions caught to work with after Bluebell. But I turned them loose, with the others. Then Bluebell.
      The feed was all wet and the lightning was right above our heads, I couldn't feed Bluebell. I hated that, I always feed after I've been working with them. And I let them eat alone. 
      The others was fed and I turned all the colts loose.   And then, just then, I realised that I forgot to shut the geldings (in the other trap) up for the night so we don't have to catch them tomorrow morning before we are going to gather several hundred cattle and ship them. And when I say morning, I mean 5 am or something.
      I waited a bit and luckily the rain eased a bit so I could go out again and get the horses in for the second time today. I just hoped they were really hungry for more. :P:p :p:p jjj   Lucifer came right away, my good colt. Then a loud thunder took us all by a surprise, and the young colts in the other trap went a bit crazy. As the horses often do in this shitty weather. So they looped around, bucked and you name it. Rose managed to buck real high up in the air, twisted her nice horse butt around and ended over the fence. Then she bounced up on her back legs and got her front legs over the barbwire and found herself in the trap where I was with the geldings. She was surprised for a second, then all three of the geldings rushed up to her and I was just like; "Mother f***er".   Then Rose found Lucifer and fell in love. She was ready as a Rose can be. And I knew that I had another problem. I had to get all the colts in again and sort the yearling stallions off. Right now! (The horse colts was to be cut several months ago, before I got them. But that didn't happen because of a third part in this. So that's gonna happen in really short time. Not sure if they are ready to do something yet, but why take the chance).
      In the rain, in the mud. Soaked wet from top to toe. Not one single spot on my body was dry. And Thor with the hammer was still angry.   Rose is a sucker for cake (giant pellets) so she brought Lucifer to me while she was playing cat and mouse with him. And he just "you are one freaking weird horse!". But they came, and Bob that I also needed, he's smart and did not come. He knew that it had to be a trick. Get in two times in a row, in one day? Smells fishy... I got Lucifer in, and I need him tomorrow so that is one of two caught. Then I sorted Rose off, she had a clean cut on her front leg but otherwise just fine. Then I got out there and haltered Bob and got him in. MacArthur said that he didn't want to stay out in the trap by himself, so then he came too. 
      So far so good, I got the geldings shut up and ready for tomorrow.   Then I tried to get the colts in for the second time too.
      And they did good, they came and I told them I was sorry that I couldn't give them a treat for this, cause I need to buy more horse feed tomorrow. And what is left I really need for Lucifer and Bob tomorrow. Promised them to get more feed after work. Layton and Minnie Mouse cussed at me. 
      I got King and my cowboy's colt sorted off and fed them by themselves in another pen for the night. 
      Then turned all the fillies, Minnie Mouse and Layton out again, and finally done!   I was cold, dirty, hungry and wet. But I had a nice start with Bluebell today. Too bad I had to quit before I was done for the day. But I got her to move her feet and understand the concept, she worked and sweated like a pig (me too). I have never been so close up to her, and I know it's gonna be a bit better every day. 
      Too bad I didn't get to work the other ones too, but one can't do much about the weather.   Now I'm home, got a hot shower and my mother-in -aw is making lasagna. Sometimes she spoils me <3   Bailey did good for the most part. But did get a bit too excited when I was in the round pen with Bluebell. Had to tell her to shut up a few times, but then she finally did. 
      She got wet too, but I put her in the car so she could wait there while I was out trying to fix the mess.   Oh well, it all turned out pretty good after all :):)
    • Ja hun derre Rose kan du få lese om lenger ned her Er meg en fin roseknupp hun.

      Takk for det, kommer litt påfyll som sagt under her *host* Å ja, jeg er jo det!   
    • Jeg fikk det bekreftet av veterinær når han la lett trykk på halsen, og selv så anfallet.   
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