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  1. Mange organisationer kan man stötta via youtube , av att bara se/like. Följer VetclinicGambia på youtube, en tysk veterinär som jobbar i gambia med trap/neuter/release i området. Och prövar samtidigt att lära lokalbefolkningen om dyrehold.
  2. Sazu

    Rev som kjæledyr

    En instagram bruker med rev som kjæledyr beskriver det ganska bra. "Once a fox pees on something, it's incredibly difficult to get the smell out. You can smell Juniper as soon as you pull into my drive way on humid days. You can smell it in clothes that I may have left on the floor, my car, the house, and the backyard. The smell is pretty hard to describe, I've personally stopped finding it unpleasant, (I've kind of gone nose blind) but I hear frequently from guests that it's rather unpleasing. We steam clean the carpets regularly, light candles, wax burners, etcetera to help with the smell." "Juniper is "housebroken" she has two large litter boxes that she does her business in and those are emptied every other day to keep them fresh and appealing to pee in. She also has a large litter box in her outdoor enclosure. Red Foxes however are avid markers. They will mark (pee on) food, toys, their beds, your bed. Pretty much anything they feel is theirs. Including their food and water dishes. This is something that nearly impossible to break them of since it's a very natural habit for them. Happy pee is also a quirk of most foxes. Excited foxes will probably greet you or a dog with happy wagging tails and a stream of pee in their wake" https://www.instagram.com/juniperfoxx/
  3. Sazu

    I morgen henter jeg endelig valpen min :)

    Gratulerer med ny hund:) Den va kjempesøt!